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What I’m Thankful For: Laundry {11/9/11}

Continuing on in my “thankfulness series”. I’m thankful for:

5) Yummy Food! Not only to fill our bellies, but (more importantly) to nourish our bodies!
6) Dark Chocolate
7) Buy-one-get-one free Caribou COFFEE at Publix!
8 ) Candles (Apple cider, and Autumn wreath. Mmm!)

9) Clothes to keep us warm. A nice/reliable washing machine and dryer, and hot water to keep them clean! Continue reading

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Rise and Shine, and Give God the Glory!

The past few weeks, sleep has been scarce. CJ has been cutting teeth, which means he’s been nursing pretty much non-stop through the night! and I’ve. Been. Tired! The other night was no exception.. In the early morning, around 6:30, while changing a diaper (because with all that nursing comes…wet diapers!), I made up my mind- As soon as I finished, I was going back to bed, and if the boys woke, I’d make my hubby get up with them! Great attitude, huh? Never mind the fact that, this being his only day off work in over a week, I would be robbing him of his only opportunity to sleep in…no, we wont go there!

So I finished nursing CJ, and changing his diaper, then laid him back down sleeping once again. Then, for whatever reason, while up to toss the dirty diaper in the diaper pail, I grabbed my phone to check my emails. (I have no idea why! but God does… ;)).

In my inbox, I found a blog post waiting for me from Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home. The title read- “So, mornings…How are they going for you?”. Well obviously this caught my eye. I started reading it… and I started feeling convicted… The content was all about the “Hello Morning’s” challenge, a ministry geared towards moms, helping to “Maximize Your Morning’s” by rising BEFORE your children, in an effort to jump-start your day with scripture and prayer.

“The fundamental idea is to stop waking up TO our children and start waking up FOR them.”

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