What I’m Thankful For: Laundry {11/9/11}

Continuing on in my “thankfulness series”. I’m thankful for:

5) Yummy Food! Not only to fill our bellies, but (more importantly) to nourish our bodies!
6) Dark Chocolate
7) Buy-one-get-one free Caribou COFFEE at Publix!
8 ) Candles (Apple cider, and Autumn wreath. Mmm!)

9) Clothes to keep us warm. A nice/reliable washing machine and dryer, and hot water to keep them clean!

Today was laundry day. I washed, dried, folded, and put away 5 loads of clothes/towels! Including hanging up stuff in the closets!! I must have been on a roll or something, because this never happens! The “put away” part still impresses me. If you are/have ever been the mom of young children, you will understand what an accomplishment this is. 😉 Just for the record; We do this much laundry at least twice a week, on an as-needed basses…

I’m not exactly sure how a family of 4 can generate so much laundry, but I’m guessing it has something to do with the two little boys that love to play in the dirt and make messes all day long… 🙂 but that’s OK. I don’t mind the messes or the laundry. We have been BLESSED with clothes enough that we don’t have to worry about them getting dirty. Besides, what’s cuter than two blond-haired-blue-eyed little boys, wearing overalls, laughing and playing outside, with dirt smudged across their face?!

Confession: When I was 16 I used to think it would be “cool” to hand wash all our laundry with a ringer, as if we were living back in the 1800’s… There is a part of me that appreciates the “off-grid” kind of self-sufficiency in that. Like this mama is doing- http://www.nourishingdays.com/2011/11/this-weeks-frugal-talk-laundry-ma-ingalls-and-bean-tostadas/

…and then I think of the logistics involved, and praise God for my automatic machine!!

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2 thoughts on “What I’m Thankful For: Laundry {11/9/11}

  1. Mary Behrens says:

    Way to go! I don’t have little ones to use as an excuse and that whole “wash/dry/fold/hang up/ AND put away” still escapes me! You are an amazing Mommy/Wife/Daughter and I admire you!

  2. patchofheaven says:

    Kirstyn and Cory put laundry away now! It’s so nice! Sometimes they fold too. I am grateful for older, helpful children!

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