The Longest 3 Minutes, Ever!

If you had been a fly on my wall yesterday evening, around 5:30, you would have seen me running through the house, with a panicked look on my face, yelling “CONLAN! Where ARE you?!”.

One minuet, he was toddling in and out of the kitchen while I was making dinner. The next, it was quiet. Too quiet. and he was gone!

At first, I just thought he had gone in the other room… You see, most of the time, if you call for CJ, he giggles, and then pops his head out playing peek-a-boo. but as I went through the entire house, calling his name, there was no response. Just silence…and suddenly, I became frantic!

BE had been playing outside quite a bit earlier, so all the exterior doors were unlocked. Had one of  them been left open? Did he somehow manage to get out, now headed for the busy street? (we live on a Hwy, and this was “rush-hour”)

Or had he strangled himself with the jump-rope he’d been carrying around all day?

I asked BE (who was playing and watching a video in the living room) if he had seen him. He said no.

So here we both are, going from room to room, and even going outside (trying not to look too panicked for fear of drawing attention from the neighbors, one of which is my land-lady, who has already chewed me out once for “not watching my child (BE) and letting him get too close to the street…”). and right about now, I feel like the worst mom in town.. I mean, how do you lose your baby? In your own house??

Finally, FINALLY, I hear something! A little voice, coming from the bedroom. So I go in, trying to quiet BE so I could hear better… and there he was, under the crib.

He smiled at me, and I picked him up and gave him one loooong hug! It had only been a few minutes, but it felt like forever!

Looking back, I’m not exactly sure why I got panicked so easily. So quickly… Is it a lack of faith, both in our children, and in God, who is ultimately responsible for their safety? Or maybe I’ve just seen/read about too many crazy stories of children drowning or strangling themselves, or being kidnapped!? …It’s really quite silly, but ask any mom you know, and she’ll tell you that she too has had her moments of terror!

I’m pretty sure this was pay-back for a similar story of a certain 9 month old girl, who went missing in her house, and was found hiding in the bedroom closest, giggling while eating a box of  raisins… Yeah, now I know how my mom felt!

Sorry Marmee!


3 thoughts on “The Longest 3 Minutes, Ever!

  1. Ruth Kroeger says:

    I’ve btdt before with my boys. It is amazing how quickly they can “disappear”. I am thankful for God’s protection many times. Once I woke up in the middle of the night and heard James on our porch. He got out of his room, out the kitchen door, and was trying to get outside from the porch door but hadn’t made it yet! This was last winter when there was snow on the ground and freezing temps.

  2. patchofheaven says:

    No, of course you’re not the only mom to worry! I remember “losing” Kirstyn at the zoo. She had only crossed that sidewalk outside the bathroom to sit on an animal statue. But with all the people walking by, we couldn’t see her 5 feet away. SO SCARY! And I don’t think it’s wrong to panic in situations like this (and yours)! I think it’s God-given instinct, because if we didn’t have that instinct our kids *would* get lost, kidnapped, and hit by cars a lot more often.

    SO glad CJ was just fine! And sorry you have a meddling land lady. That’s going to be tough. You’re totally NOT a bad mom! Don’t you forget it.

  3. Mary Behrens says:

    I’m sorry you had to have that experience, but you will enjoy telling it one day. I’m so glad God is watching out for my blessings and grandblessings! I love you all!

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