Change of plans and our “staycation”

So we didn’t end up going to the beach this past weekend as planned. It decided to to rain all-week-long! and the idea of driving several hours, only to be stuck indoors for two days, with two elderly people (not to mention lots of pretty, breakable items), AND two very active little boys, did NOT sound appealing to me! I mean, I’m sure Grandpa would have been happy to see us, but I would like to be welcomed back someday… 😉

Anyway…We had a nice, relaxing few days at home. We tried to make it fun by doing special things with the boys. Like making/playing with “slime”, baking brownies, and going for walks in the rain (that wasn’t on purpose, but it was fun!).

Wednesday night we took the boys to see Cars 2 at the movie theater. For some reason we only ended up paying for one adult ticket. Bryce tried to question it, but the young man running the ticket booth assured him he was right. I still think he messed up, but hey, $7  for all 4 of us to see a movie? I wont argue! Not only did we get a good price, but we had the entire theater to ourselves! Kinda nice to not have to worry about the baby making noise, or the toddler asking “What’s that daddy?” over and over again… and BE especially liked getting to pick where he wanted to sit… and then moving 5 different times before we decided he was getting a little too adventurous and made him sit with us again.

Thursday I got to go visit my friend, Ruth, and her newborn baby boy in the hospital. He was only 13 hours old. ❤ Can you say “precious”? You better bet I stole a few snuggles while I was there (and she thought the Starbucks was just a nice gesture  😛 ). He was sooo sweet! ❤ Almost enough to make me want another baby…almost, but not quite yet 😉

Friday was our big day out. We rode the choo-choo metro train into DC, and toured the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. BE loved all the “pear-pains” (airplanes) and rockets! Before heading home we enjoyed dinner at Johny Rocket’s, a cool diner where they serve the yummiest milkshakes! We did a ton of walking that day, so we all slept good that night!

Now, the vacation and weekend are over… Bryce is back at work tonight (he only has 3 more night shifts before switching back to day shift! Yay!). After having him home for 5 days, I’ll admit, I’ve gotten a bit spoiled. I actually had to get the boys to bed on my own (which, in this case, was not free of drama…), but they’re both sleeping now! I really should go join them…tomorrow morning will be here before I know it!

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2 thoughts on “Change of plans and our “staycation”

  1. Idiot #1 says:

    I really enjoyed our few days together babe. You did a very good job writing this post.

  2. patchofheaven says:

    Haha! I can just picture BE moving all over the theatre. I love that kid!

    I sure did enjoy that Starbucks you brought. I drank the hospital coffee that morning, and then I drank the mocha that Dee bought at a local cafe, but *you* brought me STARBUCKS! Nothing compares. =) (I was having fun not worrying about my caffeine intake, since Zach wasn’t getting it directly through the umbilical cord…)

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